The SoftWare And Technology TEAM of Syncor Systems, Inc.
Custom Business Database Applications
We specialize in using Microsoft's .NET, SQL Server 2000/2005  and Office 2003 to create effective, efficient integrated solutions. All our programmers have over 20 years experience in computer science and database development. We provide expertise over the entire cradle-to-grave process of developing a custom business application.  Including all the steps shown to the right.
Syncor has developed dozens of business applications. We have helped everyone from small businesses to the largest retailers in the country. If we can help them, we can help you. Contact Us about creating or helping with your next project. Below are several  examples of applications we have recently finished using .NET and SQL Server.
We've made a brief screencast on how to create an entity diagram in Visual Studio 2008 for use with SQL to LINQ, if you're using SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5. We got interested in this because the Compact Edition is used with the new Microsoft Sync Framework, an excellent solution for the occasionally connected database, or for reducing the load on a server.  The screencast requires QuickTime, is about 3 minutes long and takes up 6 MB, so it takes a minute or two to load.
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Modeling of the Database including ERD and reports
  • Database Creation
  • Application Architecture
  • Server Coding including Triggers, Stored Procedures and Functions
  • Application Development including C#, SQL, XML
  • Office integration including VBA macro programming
  • Application and Database Tuning
  • Documentation
  • Lifecycle Maintenance
.NET Smart Client n-tier Web Service & Application
.NET WinForm Applications n-tier Web Service Application Claims Assistant Professional (CAP) is designed for the medical claims professional to manage and track data for all their clients. It is designed to be used by either a single professional or a large organization with team members granted varying levels of access.  (NOTE: CAP has now gone private - and is no longer available to individual claims assistant professionals). 

Claims Assistant Professional (CAP) is a C# .NET n-tier application. A SQL-Server database houses all the data behind the firewall. A web service runs on the secured web-server and communicates directly with our smart client application. All web service/ client application data transfers are 128-bit encrypted. All the pieces were developed in C# using Microsoft's Visual Studio suite of tools. A higher resolution version of this screen shot can be seen by clicking the image.

ASP.NET Application
Fashion Industry Request For Quotation Application. This ASP.NET application allows the manufacturer to publish and track quotes online and receive automated detailed responses  from invited vendors. Uses SQL Server 2000 to store data. A WinForm application hits the same database concurrently for the manufacturer's LAN users. You can a more detailed screen shot.
.NET WinForm Applications n-tier Web Service  Application
This application imports retail production information both from text files and XML files from multiple vendors into a staging database. The data is then checked, formatted and exported to the production server. A higher resolution version of this screen shot can be seen by clicking the image.
.NET Database and Analysis Application
A custom database and analysis application for reviewing years of scanned tube information in a petrochemical plant and analyzing the data for preventative maintenance and continuous operation. This application is a good example of leveraging the power of .NET and Microsoft Office to provide an inexpensive solution to managing a LOT of data. You can see more screen shots of this application.
Other Datbase Applications
  • Retail Catalog Database Management System - for maintaining all the data for one of the nation's largest retailers
  • Medical Claims Tracking Application for claims professionals
  • Courier Management System - A complete courier tracking system used for daily operations and analysis of the company
  • Door Frame Production Tracking System
  • Outcomes Analysis Programs for Diabetic Foot and Cancer Clinics
  • Urology Office Management Application
  • Art Museum Inventory Management Applications
  • Home Health Care Nursing Application