The SoftWare And Technology TEAM of Syncor Systems, Inc.
Embedded Software
The software engineers at Syncor Systems, Inc. have been doing embedded development for over 25 years. We specialize in C++ on the NetBurner platform . We have extensive experience developing embedded solutions with built-in web servers that leverage the power and flexibility of AJAX. We have an arsenal of languages from C# through Fortran, and platforms that range from the Atmel Tiny12 to the 32 bit ColdFire to address your project needs.   of Our typical projects involve:
  • A/Ds
  • D/As
  • PLLs
  • GPIO
  • LCD
  • TCP Communication
  • Touch Panels
  • Web Servers
  • Browser Front Ends
  • AJAX
  • C#/C++ GUIs
  • SCPI Parsers
  • Radar Control
  • Lab Instrumentation
We have expertise in providing automated test support with SCPI/VISA/IVI/LXI  programmable instruments including spectrum analyzers, signal generators, and power meters. We can quickly write a PC based GUI that can control all your test and measurement instruments and save you money and time over a manual approach. We are constantly expanding our library of .NET DLL control libraries for instruments to make this happen.

You can visit our synthesizer page and download our manuals on the Virtual Front Panel and SCPI Programming Guide to see examples of our work and communication skills.

We have an established partnership with several firms to provide the full spectrum of product development skills that can make your ideas into off the shelf products. See our Engineering page for more details.

Other NetBurner developers will be interested in some NetBurner tips and an application note, Using AJAX to Serve Dynamic Web Content on the NetBurner Platform.

Embedded Processors
Embedded Development Systems
  • AJAX technologies on any embedded web server
  • GNU C++ /uCOSII running on NetBurner systems
  • Dynamic C for the Rabbit
  • AVR Studio and Assembly Language for the Atmel Family
  • Raisonance IDE using C
PC Application Development Tools
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 .NET using C# and C++
  • Borland C++ Builder 6.0
  • XML Spy
  • SQL Server 2000 and 2005
  • Visio for Enterprise Architects
  • XCode and Interface Builder using the Cocoa Framework on the Macintosh
ACS embedded web server Sample Embedded Web Server interface using Ajax