The SoftWare And Technology TEAM of Syncor Systems, Inc.
NetBurner Development
We specialize in web based control and monitoring using C/C++ and most web based protocols. We have particular expertise in AJAX based web front ends (see screen shot below), laboratory instrumentation, radar systems, fluid controllers and SCPI parsers. We have experience working with hardware designs that employ single or multiple FPGAs integrated with the NetBurner.

We also develop PC based GUI software in C# and .NET that communicates with our NetBurner solutions over Ethernet. In addition we write .NET drivers for instruments so that programming them is often a matter of nothing more than setting some properties and calling some high-level methods. No more worrying about specific SCPI syntax issues. We can get you on your way to LXI compliance.

We have a page where we provide some NetBurner tips and an application note on using AJAX to Serve Dynamic Web Content on the NetBurner Platform. More recent tips and tricks on programming the NetBurner and using Eclipse can be found on Tod's blog and on the NetBurner Wiki Pages, many of which were written by Syncor.

Syncor Unit Testing FrameworkWe also developed and released to the NetBurner community a unit testing framework based on UnitTest++. It includes a graphical test runner that is invoked via AJAX callbacks. You can read more about it on the NetBurner wiki.

Our typical projects involve:
  • A/Ds
  • D/As
  • PLLs
  • GPIO
  • Touch Panel Displays
  • LCD Displayes
  • Web Servers
  • Browser Front Ends
  • AJAX
  • C#/C++ GUIs
  • SCPI Parsers
  • TCP Communication
  • C# DLL Drivers
Our recent NetBurner based projects include:


Envision Extractor Screen Shot
Sample Page from Embedded Web Server interface using Ajax to update text, icons and images dynamically. The product shown is Horizon Technology's latest Envision Platform controller.